AAAA Size Alkaline Batteries

AAAA Size Alkaline Batteries

型號︰AAAA, MN2500




最少訂量︰120000 件



This unusual LR61/AAAA Size battery is Long-life replacements for many pocket penlights and miniature devices.

Also known as LR61 / E96 / LR8D425 / 4016 / LF22 / AAAA / MX2500.

Mainly used in graphics tablets, lazer pointers, torch applications, and laser pens.

產品規格︰ It is 1.5V, Alkaline, non-rechargeable, and the dimensions are 42mm high by 8mm wide.

Standard size AAAA, consumer type E96.
Long shelf life (up to 8 years).
Low cost, high performance.

Coast LED Lenser AAAA Alkaline battery for Coast LED Lenser flashlights 4 pack of Zweibruder Coast LED Lenser 7722 AAAA or LR61Alkaline Max or equivalent batteries Long life alkaline battery replacements for popular flashlights, radios and toys.