Pilas Alcalinas LR20 Battery(D size/ AM1) MN1300

Pilas Alcalinas LR20 Battery(D size/ AM1) MN1300

Model No.︰LR20/MN1300,AM1

Brand Name︰OEM accepted

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰30000 pc

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Product Description

Alkaline Batteries are a very popular, multi-use premium battery. Rated at 1.5 volts per cell, they are available in the common AAA, AA, C, D and 9-volt sizes.

They have a very good shelf life and are excellent for high drain rate applications, such as electronics applications.

Alkaline batteries can deliver 50-100% more total energy than conventional carbon zinc batteries of the same size, making them popular for consumer applications.

Specifications︰ Technical Data. Size D, LR20, AM-1 Alkaline (Zn-MnO2) Battery.
Nominal Voltage: 1.5V.
Diameter: 32.3~34.2mm.
Height: 59.5~61.5mm.
Shelf life: 5 years

Use these D alkaline batteries for longer-lasting power in flashlights, radios and more.

Advantages︰ "D" cell Alkaline 2 pack- Batteries provide the same quality, performance, and longevity as name brand alkaline batteries, but at a more competitive price.


Export Markets︰ Worldwide Markets

Pricing︰ N/A

Payment Details︰ T/T, L/C

Min Order︰ 200 CTNS

Ship Date︰ Within 20 days

Standard Met︰ IEC, EU RoHS