Professional Alkaline Batteries-LR20,LR14,LR6,LR03,6LR61

Professional Alkaline Batteries-LR20,LR14,LR6,LR03,6LR61

Model No.︰AA,AAA,C,D,9V,N

Brand Name︰Your private label are welcome

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰120000 pic

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Product Description

In 1994, we produced Mercury free LR6 and LR03 alkaline batteries, and in 2001 we introduced LR20 and LR14 mercury free alkaline battery production lines, on purpose of completing the alkaline battery series. Till now, our company becomes main alkaline battery production base in China. Our alkaline battery products include LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61, LR1, LR61, 4LR61 alkaline batteries in blister-pack and shrink-pack, NO Mercury, NO Cadmium, NO Lead Added.

Specifications︰ For use in applications requiring heavy currents for long periods of time. Alkaline batteries can deliver 50-100% more total energy than conventional Carbon Zinc batteries of the same size. Non-rechargeable!

LR6 ALKALINE Technical data:

LR6 AM-3 AA Size

Advantages︰ Special Formula to meet the demands of today's new generation of high power deveics.

Durable shelf life than Zinc Chloride battery.

Long discharge life
High Capacity
Low internal resistance
More economical on price-per-minutes-of-services basis
Good performance at high & low technical operation
Secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion
Shelf Life : 7 years

Export Markets︰ Europe, USA, Aisa and world wide markets

Pricing︰ N/A

Payment Details︰ L/C, T/T

Min Order︰ 200CTNS

Ship Date︰ Within 20 days

Standard Met︰ IEC, EU RoHS