Japanese Technology Digital Alkaline Battery: D,C,AA,AAA,9V

Japanese Technology Digital Alkaline Battery: D,C,AA,AAA,9V

Model No.︰LR20,LR14,LR6

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰60000 pc

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Product Description

Our Excell Alkaline Batteries are designed to meet the growing needs of consumers. Upgraded technology allows advanced performance from today's sophisticated battery-powered devices. Our alkaline line is the perfect choice for reliable, long-lasting life from everyday devices like toys, portable tape and CD players, clocks and radios, electronic games, smoke detectors, PDAs, flashlights and more.

Specifications︰ Product Name: Excell LR14 Alkaline Battery
Model Number: 14A2B
Place of Origin: China

1) Description: mercury free alkaline battery, size C
2) Chemical system: alkaline-manganese dioxide (Zn/MnO2)
3) Nominal voltage: 1.5 V
4) Nominal dimensions: Φ26.2mm x 50.0 mm
5) Jacket: aluminum foil
6) Average weight: 68±4g
7) Shelf life: 60 months
8) Terminals: protruding positive (+) and flat negative (-) contacts
9) Applications: All electronic devices including toys, photographic
equipment, data banks, calculators, audio appliances, remote controls,
paging machines

Advantages︰ Super Power Alkaline battery supplies perfect power for devices of high energy consumption. Environmentally-friendly.
(Mercury and Cadmium free)
Best match with walkman, music box, toys and flash lights.

Export Markets︰ Europe, USA

Pricing︰ N/A

Payment Details︰ T/T, L/C

Min Order︰ 200 Boxes

Ship Date︰ within 20 days

Standard Met︰ IEC