General Purpose Primary Dry-cell Batteries R6S/UM3 Value-Pack

General Purpose Primary Dry-cell Batteries R6S/UM3 Value-Pack

Model No.︰AA,AAA,C,D,9V

Brand Name︰Your own label

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.03 / pc

Minimum Order︰240000 pc

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Product Description

Our heavy duty batteries are your best value in medium to low drain devices. They are often a good choice on a cost-per-hour basis. Our general purpose batteries are your low cost, reduced performance battery. Your choice when cost is most important. It's a very good selling industrial heavy duty and general purpose batteries. Built to exceed the performance demands of industrial applications. Better for environment-mercury and cadmium free formula. Guaranteed against leakage. convenient and economical multi-pack packaging-easy to stock and inventory. Date coded package.

Specifications︰ Zinc-Chloride Batteries are the first widely used household batteries.

Rated at 1.5 volts per cell, they are much lower in cost compared to alkaline, but also have a lower energy density.

Available in AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt and 6-volt sizes, common applications are toys, remote controls, flashlights and other household items.

Advantages︰ 1. Long discharge period, stable performance and excellent leak proof function.

2.Special new techniques, guaranteeing the quality.

3.Heavy Duty AA Cell, Economical Battery Option.

Export Markets︰ World Wide

Pricing︰ N/A

Payment Details︰ L/C, T/T

Min Order︰ 200 Boxs

Ship Date︰ Within 20 days

Standard Met︰ IEC, ISO9001, EU RoHS